Our products and services

The members of our staff have, as a whole, a long accumulated experience in a wide spectrum of scientific activities, from pure and applied research, to teaching services at different education levels, including environmental impact assessments as well as the performing of statistical processing of data by using specialized software. Our association is ready to provide a wide range of services and innovative solutions to clients from all sectors in connection with our field of activity and with different budgets.

Whether you want one of our staff members to visit you or if you prefer to come and see us at our headquarters, our team will be happy to welcome you.


We offer a wide range of adapted services according to your budget and your priorities, among them:

  1. Performing of research projects.
  2. Advice on the planning, performance and writing of final master's reports.
  3. Advice on the planning, performance and writing of doctoral theses.
  4. Advice on the planning, writing and translation from Spanish into English of scientific manuscripts.
  5. Delivery of specialized courses as part of the curricular planning of Master Degrees, Ph.D., or university extension courses.
  6. Lectures of scientific popularization for non-specialized people.
  7. Statistical data processing.
  8. Advice on environmental impact assessments by using cutting-edge analytical models which are so novel that, for the time being, they are not applied by any other institution, but they are supported by publications in specialized journals and have proven to be non-contingent and reliable in practice.


We put at your disposal a complete portfolio of products and solutions to cover all needs in regard to the management, understanding, production and transformation of the most valuable resource of the current epoch: scientific information at both basic and applied levels.


Contact us to receive information about our most recent and ad hoc promotions.