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Thanks for visiting our website. AIABAS is a non-profit organization (NPO) inscribed in the National Registry of Associations at the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain with the number 617628 (AICIBA: Asociación para el Avance Interdisciplinario en Ciencias Básicas y Aplicadas). Here you can find all the information you need about our associationGet in contact with us, it will be a pleasure to help you in regard to any subject.

Why was this association founded, and what is its main analytical axis?

This association is addressed to the fields of epistemologyecology, evolutionary biology, economics (e.g.: econophysics applied to the field of real or productive economy), and universe evolution for the sake of offsetting the widespread effects of three main epistemological crises on scientific theory and practice:

1) The reproducibility crisis (RC): Result reproducibility is essential for science. But, in the 60's of the past century, it was found that many seemingly scientific results, mainly in the field of medicine (Schor, 1966), could not be replicated.  This was the root of the RC, a term formally coined by Pashler and Wagenmakers (2012), with a disturbing influence on many research fields nowadays (see, e.g.: https://bestforconsumer.com/even-the-nobles-are-wrong-why-it-is-important-to-retract-scientific-articles/

2) The crisis of hyperspecialization and interdisciplinary isolation (CHI): Nobody is able to grasp all the knowledge about the universe's functioning. This leads to specialization. But the fine-tuning of the universe as a whole does not match with the interdisciplinary isolation and specialization that rules in many scientific fields (see e.g.: Riera et al., 2018).

3) The crisis of multi-model "solutions" and contingency (CMSC): CMSC is the result of RC and CHI. That is to say, there would exist, we might say, 120 mathematical models regarding a particular scale and research context, and every of them can be both true and false depending on the suitability of the circumstances for each researcher (contingency). 

The analytical axis of AIABAS in brief.

Complex open systems (as ecosystems, and far beyond) gather information in order to control energy exchange. Thus, "all physical laws become relationships between types of information, or information functions collected or constructed according to various procedures” (Rothstein, 1951, p. 173)

So, AIABAS develops models by using the H measure of information amount of Shannon (1948) as the most important state variable to explain the dynamics of complex systems. Reproducibility, balance between theory and empirical data, as well as the reliability and non-contingency of our models are the distinctive features of our association.

Dear inhabitant of our beautiful and vulnerable global village,

We are an independent, non-profit association, engaged in a tough challenge: exploring the links between sciences in order to build a unified approach that allows us to get a better understand about how the universe works. The result of our effort will be permanently free for you in the "Publications and references" tab, as well as in our blog. If you find our website useful, please, consider donating whatever you can afford to keep this association going in 2019 . You can trust that your donation will produce positive externalities for everyone.

Thank you for your support,

Ada María Herrera García.